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July 05 2017

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Llastres. Spain (by Antonio Guerra)

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The Pantheon, Rome (By Darren Flinders)

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Knaresborough, England (By Darren Flinders)

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Braga, Portugal (By frank meneses)

July 04 2017

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Mihno, Portugal (by frank meneses)

July 03 2017

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Church of Savior on Spilled Blood, Saint Petersburg (by Marco S. Nobile)

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Saint Peter’s Basilica, Rome *by JWY80

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Palace of Versailles, France (by Svetla)

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Hohenzollern Castle, Germany (by Ingo Jakubke)

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Sacre-Couer Basilica, Paris (by Svetla)

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Iford Manor, UK (by David Cunnigham)

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July 02 2017

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Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria (by Piotr Gaborek)

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Inveraray Castle, Scotland (by Marco S. Nobile)

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Riccardo Caffé, Puglia, Italy


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The Devil’s Pulpit, Finnich Glen, Scotland (by Steven Dijkshoorn)

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Ostrow Tumski, Wroclaw, Poland (by Grzegorz Polak)

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Piazza San Pietro, The Vatican (by Piotr Gaborek)

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Ciutadella de Minorca, Spain (by Andres

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