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September 24 2017

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Kylemore Abbey, Ireland (by Petersunberg66)

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Gotheburg, Sweden (by Petersundberg66)

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Seville, Spain (by Xuyong Ying)

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Florence Cathedral, Italy (by Thierry-Photos)

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September 23 2017

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Piazza Navona, Rome (by Matthieu Manigold)

September 22 2017

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Valencia, Spain (by Enrique)

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Schwende, Switzerland (by Simon Brown)

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Wojanow Palace, Poland (by Radoslaw Maciejewski)

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Pulpit Rock, Norway (by Unvoyageur)

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Esztergom, Hungary (by Balint Erberling)

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September 21 2017

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Highclere Castle Gardens, UK (by stancbgreen)

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Leuven, Belgium (by M. Sebregts)

September 20 2017

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Honfleur, France (by Olivier Ortelpa)

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Under the rain in Prague (by Olivier Ortelpa

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Porto, Portugal

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September 19 2017

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Loch Tummel. Scotland (by eric niven)

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Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, France (By Rafael Wagner)

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Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, Italy (by Erich Hochstoger)

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Scarborough, England (by Julian Barker)

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Budapest, Hungary (by Rita Brigitta Szabo)

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