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April 30 2017

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Amalfi,Italy (by Gerd Trynka-Ottosohn)

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Vieux-Port, Normandy, France (by Antonio Ponte)

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Helsinki, Finland *By Ville Virta

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Milan, Italy (by Alexandros Papadopolous)

Reposted byjojinthesunastrophysicist
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Flatiron District, Manhattan

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Acropolis, Athens, Greece. Photographed and submitted by: 50shadesofowen.tumblr.com

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Panajachel, Guatemala. Submitted by http://misslovelylens.tumblr.com/

April 29 2017

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Orvieto, Italy

Submitted by: cowboys-cliche

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Walking to Ilet Alcide, Saint Paul, Réunion Island (France), Indian Ocean.

Hi everybody !
A few pictures from my world, sometimes beauty is at your door !

My Google+ album : https://plus.google.com/photos/103929190758332421662/albums/5959029717384221569

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Grand Canyon, USA

Submitted by: Petra Szonyegi


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Seven Sacred Pools

Maui, Hawaii

Submitted by Alex Chow

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Gran Via, Madrid (by Alexandros Papadopolous)

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