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February 07 2018

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Versailles, France (by Christian Sarbach)

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gentle reminder


keep trying, keep pushing forward, no matter how much it feels like things are against you - if you need to take a break for now, you can; you can leave things unfinished, because there’s a chance again tomorrow, just please remember to try your best to not give up entirely 

February 06 2018

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Budapest, Hungary (by xnynv)

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The Seven Sisters Waterfall, Norway via

February 04 2018

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Aberystwyth, Wales (by Rostyslav Kanibolotskyi)

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Berlin, Germany (by Rostyslav Kanibolotskyi)

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Annecy, France (by Manuel Ribeiro)

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Heiderlberg, Germany (by Volker)

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Bremen, Germany (by antje whv)

February 03 2018

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St. Stephen Cathedral, Vienna  (by Pedro Szekely)

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Summer Garden, Saint Petersburg via

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Vienna (by Paul Ridgway)

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Tarnow, Poland

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Poznan, Poland (by Paul)


They say- ‘’Better late than never’’

I have just updated the About me section, something that I had to do for a very long time.

February 02 2018

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Austria *by Patrick Reiser

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Hamburg, Germany (by Norbert Meissner)

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Brasov, Romania (by svetlinnikolaev)

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Venice (by tr1stero)

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